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You’re tasked with finding a great activity to bring coworkers closer together. Or, you’re looking for a fun family outing that will linger in the memory. Either way, the name of the game is team-building. We’ve assembled our favorite NYC team building activities to make your search even easier.

In New York City, there are so many group activities available the possibilities can be staggering. That’s why we’ve developed a five-point list of the absolute best team-building activities in the city.

With a focus on excitement and cooperation, this is your definitive list of the best team-building activities in the city. Whether entertaining guests, forging relationships at work, or just looking to bring a group of friends closer together, we’re sure you’ll find something great to do with this list.

1. Team Building Through Kick Axe Throwing

Ready for some safely-curated danger? One of the most satisfying feelings is seeing a flung axe hit its mark, and at Kick Axe Throwing you can cheer or jeer at your friends as they try to hit targets on a personalized lane.

Don’t worry—libations are on site. With a great selection of beer, wine, and malt beverages, you can get pretty raucous at Kick Axe. Plus, as you purchase time on a lane, go crazy with as many throws as you can fit into your timeslot.

2. Team Bonding Time at 60MPH with Sea The City

The best part of any team-building activity is enjoying a novel experience together. Sea The City is bar none one of the greatest experiences you can share with coworkers, family, and friends.

Our highly-skilled jet ski instructors are specially trained to get you up to speed in a jiffy. Zipping around on the Hudson River, you’ll bask in one of the most beautiful views of New York at breakneck speeds. Our guys can even get you pulling tricks in no time. In terms of truly memorable team building activities in New York, Sea the City Jet Ski Tours definitely got you covered.

3. Learning is Team Building with Museum Hack

Love museums? Scavenger hunts? Culture? Branding themselves as one of the best unconventional museum tour companies in the country, Museum Hack brings all these elements and more to your next team-building activity in NYC.

Holding novelty-themed tours of NYC’s greatest museums—the feminism-themed ”Badass Bitches” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for instance—there’s tons of unconventional tour themes that fit any demographic. For those who love culture, history, and art, Museum Hack is a team building idea that is sure to bring your team closer together.

4. Pizza School NYC…Because Kramer was Right, Everyone Wants to Make Their Own Pizza

Ever noticed how much you can get to know a person by cooking with them? We can also guess that you love pizza. Well, class is on at Pizza School NYC.

This place is run by actual champion in pizza making, covering all kinds of styles including the classic New York style. Learn to pull and toss dough, explore classic and completely new topping combinations, and get baking your own delicious pie.

Whether competitive or collaborative, Pizza School NYC is an incredible way to come together under the best commonality you can share—your love of pizza!

5. Can You and Your Team Beat the Bomb NYC?

If you’re looking for all the excitement of an escape room and paint run in one destination, Beat the Bomb NYC is the stage for your next memorable team building event or activity.

Described as “Mission Impossible Meets Double Dare” by the Metro newspaper, Beat the Bomb pits you against an oncoming paint explosion in a 60-minute puzzle-intensive challenge as you try to disarm the bomb before it blasts. Add in hazmat suits, and you’ve not only got a great group-selfie opportunity—you’ll bring your team closer together.

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