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NYC’s Ultimate Winter Extreme Adventure Tour

You’d have to be a little insane to ride a jet ski in near sub-zero conditions, at up to 60 miles an hour, just inches above the icy water…Right? Well maybe a little, but the truth is winters here in NYC can often be fairly mild, meaning there’s sometimes as many mildly warm days to ride in December as there are in March or even April. Then again, for some the colder the better, and this might sound like exactly like the white-knuckle adrenaline inducing adventure you are looking for. If so, we run tours in January and February too. With no ski slopes near by, skiers and boarders can revel in the same need for speed they enjoy on the mountain, just minutes from downtown.

Why Ride a Jet Ski In Winter?

Due to popular year round demand from adventure tour seekers, we have taken the step to make our jet ski tours available in winter to adrenaline junkies as NYC’s latest extreme winter sport. Winter in NYC can be magical, and if you are someone who loves the outdoors year round, there’s no better way to take a tour around the city than on a jet ski. Our winter jet ski tours will take you around to all the same attractions and sights that our regular tours do. We even offer custom tours. Book your extreme winter adventure tour today!

Are Jet Ski Tours In Winter Safe?

Of course! That said, winter comes with some extra safety concerns which we’ve taken measures to address in order to keep our riders safe. We provide life vests and wetsuits that help to keep you warm and safe from the conditions. We’ll also provide information about what else you should wear depending on weather conditions.

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