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Top Tips for Smart Shopping in New York City

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New York City is nothing short of the greatest shopping destination in the world. But while 5th Avenue is world famous for its legendary boutiques, not all people are about that style.

Shopping in New York is in fact so much more than 5th Avenue. Eclectic shopping here is bigger, cheap shopping here is bigger, and pretty much all other kinds of shopping is the same.

That’s why we’ve put together five leads for incredible shopping experiences in New York City, for whatever you’re into!


Yes, you can find incredible authentic Chinese food around here, but do you know about the markets?

When it gets warm in Chinatown, you can find open-air markets that are nothing short of a complete cultural immersion into Far Eastern culture. From aromatic teas and herbs to live poultry and street food, walking through Chinatown’s open air markets is about the closest thing you’ll get to the real thing in the United States.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are generally large and chaotic affairs. New York City take flea markets and raises the energy and offerings exponentially!

If you’re in Brooklyn, there’s Brooklyn Flea – held in the Atlantic Center every Sunday during the cold months. You can find everything from records and clothing to antiques and even a performer or two.

Century 21

Equal parts designer bargain outlet and cultural phenomenon, Century 21 is not for the faint of heart.

While you can obtain authentic products from brands like Gucci, Armani, and more, the real draw is the sheer amount of people who frequent the store every day. Think of Black Friday all the time – up to 75 percent off and completely swarmed with people!

Cosmetics Market

Anybody who wears makeup knows that those prices can really gouge your wallet. But, when you’re at the Cosmetics Market you’ll be hard pressed to keep your wallet closed!

Much of the stock at the Cosmetics Market is discontinued promotional samples and products from name brands. That means getting top of line with incredibly steep discounts!

The World’s Largest Department Store

Macy’s Herald Square is more a historical landmark than a department store in New York City. Featured in films and a pretty reasonable measure of the economy in and of itself, a stroll through here is almost required if you’re coming to New York City.

Over 2.5 million sq. feet of space house a massive retail operation, an arcade, and scores of other amenities you didn’t even realize could be housed in a department store. Come with your wallet, walking shoes, and a lot of time on your hands!

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