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Top 15 50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

a birthday cake with lit candles

The Golden Jubilee Birthday is a golden opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life.

A 50th birthday party should be as special as the birthday itself. Being on this planet for five whole decades means the special someone has experienced a breadth of life deserving of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Since they’ve seen a lot, it’s only reasonable to offer them a life-changing experience.

New York City is rife with life-changing experiences, and we’re here to help. If you need an idea for a 50th birthday celebration for mom, your sister, or any of the other special women in your life, look no further!

Outdoor 50th Birthday Party Ideas

When the weather’s right, an outdoor 50th birthday party is just right for any of the special women in your life. Below are five of the best 50th birthday party ideas for women.

1. Outdoor Brunch!

There may not be a woman in the world – let alone any person really – who doesn’t love brunch.

When the weather’s warm enough, hundreds of restaurants in the New York City area offer brunch outdoors. It’s a great opportunity to congratulate the special woman in your life over mimosas and chicken & waffles!

2. Give the Gift of Nature

If the birthday girl is a nature lover, consider taking a hike through a nature reserve.

Whether within New York City or elsewhere in New York State, the gift of a tranquil natural experience can usher in an important birthday like someone’s 50th with some valuable fresh air!

3. Outdoor Concerts

An outdoor concert with the birthday girl’s favorite band or group will be an unforgettable experience not only because of the music.

Outdoor concerts are a special way to celebrate the open air that offers a cherished memory that will linger in the birthday girl’s heart for years to come.

4. Silent Disco

Definitely an idea off the beaten path, but silent discos are singular experiences that will be completely new – and completely novel – for someone celebrating their 50th birthday.

What is great about silent discos is how they tend to break down people’s hesitations when it comes to dancing. Because everyone else around you is enjoying the music, it’s hard not to catch the pleasurable, infectious rhythms of music and dancing.

5. Outdoor Wellness

Perhaps what the birthday girl needs is a dash of wellness.

Outdoor yoga and tai chi classes are available throughout the city, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to give the gift of regenerative wellness. As a way of preparing them for the next 10 years of their life, this option is a welcome respite from typical 50th birthday party ideas.

Indoor 50th Birthday Party Ideas

If the weather’s not right, don’t fear! There’s plenty of simple and creative ideas for a fabulous 50th birthday party for the women in your life.

6. Dinner Date

There’s nothing wrong with a classic dinner date, especially if it’s something the birthday girl loves!

Make a reservation at her favorite restaurant, or find something completely new that will open her mind up to a new type of cuisine she’s never experienced before. Oh, and don’t forget the champagne!

7. Paint Night

Paint nights are an extremely popular activity for women, and with good reason!

Often paired with great-tasting wine, paint nights give the gift of unleashing the birthday girl’s creativity. She will get to leave with a painting of her making, and joining her on this wonderful experience will assuredly be a cherished memory for years!

8. A Night at the Casino

Casinos are a great way to expose the birthday girl to a wonderful new experience, whether or not she likes to gamble.

Casinos offer all kinds of entertainment on-site, and with hotels almost always close by the fun can go all day and all night.

9. Surprise Party

Nothing beats an old-fashioned surprise party! Done right, you can really blow their minds and bring a smile to their face that stretches cheek to cheek.

Surprise birthday parties really make it apparent the birthday girl’s life is filled with people who love them. Make it even better by planning dinner afterward, and some great music!

10. Murder Mystery Dinner

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

Murder mystery dinners are perfect for anyone who loves dinner and a show, and doesn’t mind being included. Often dinner guests become participants in the fun, so what you’re offering really is a veritable adventure experience.

Exciting 50th Birthday Party Ideas

If you really want to blow the socks off of your birthday girl, there are tons of things you can do right here in New York City that’ll make their Golden Jubilee birthday one for the books.

11. Escape Rooms

It’s a form of entertainment that’s gained steam for several years, and it might be just right for your mother, your aunt, or whoever is the special 50 year old woman in your life.

Escape rooms pit you against threats to our very existence and will make the birthday girl a hero should she and her team succeed. This idea will leave an unforgettable experience in her memory for years to come.

12. Rock Climbing

Does the birthday girl enjoy physical challenges? Not afraid of heights? Then take her rock climbing!

There’s plenty of opportunities to rock climb in and out of New York City. There are even tons of indoor rock climbing gyms, and many people who try it continue to do it time and time again.

13. Go-Karting

Make the birthday girl feel like a kid again!

Go-karts give people who have a need for speed the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal. It’s especially fun when you can make it a family event!

14. Sporting Events

Grab the birthday girl a ticket to the next game for their favorite sports team.

Whether it’s for a New York team, or their favorite traveling team stopping in the city, there’s nothing like screaming at the score and experiencing the excitement of thousands of fans rooting for their favorite players.

15. Jet Skiing

You read that right.

Jet skiing in New York City is available, and it’s like nothing the birthday girl has ever experienced before. In no time, she will be pulling tricks and riding at exhilarating speeds, all with the support of expert instructors.

Plus, there’s no better way to experience the New York City Skyline than from the water. As the birthday girl speeds by, she’ll experience the true size of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and so much more. Contact Sea the City to learn more about our jet ski tours and birthday activities in NYC

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