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Enjoy a ride down the Hudson in a Hot Tub!

Sea The City’s Hot Tub Boat Tours are now also in Fort Lauderdale Florida! Book your tour for Fort Lauderdale here.

Private Boat Rides NYC

BYOB boat Tour NYC

Bring Your Own Drinks

Guests of legal age are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy during their outing.

Hot Tub Boat Tours

Great for Special Occasions

Ideal for Engagements, Bachelorette Parties, Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Celebrations and more!

Hot Tub Boat Tours

Date Night

Ideal for a romantic night on the harbor. Buy 2 tickets, or buy-out the whole hot tub for you and your date. 

Sea the City from the Deck of a Hot Tub Boat!

Now in its 6th season, Sea the City is the largest and best reviewed jet ski tour operator in NY Harbor

The Company is excited to introduce a first of its kind hot tub boat, running through New Year’s Day. Book now, tours are limited!

Hot Tub Tour Pricing

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About the Hot Tub Boat Tour

Hot Tub on a Boat

Our one-of-a kind hot tub boat was built to our specifications. It carries two, ten-person commercial grade hot tubs, and is bookable by the tub (up to ten people) or by the boat (up to 20 people). The boat’s amenities include a large bathroom and separate changing room. Coolers are provided for your beer and wine. In addition to the captain, deckhands are on board to assist guests. Our 40’ Coast Guard certified vessel is operated by a USCG licensed Master Captain.

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NYC Private Boat Cruise Experience

Departing just 10 min from Manhattan, our water tour around Manhattan is 90 minutes in length. During boat rides up the Hudson River, guests will see breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline as they head towards Liberty Island. The boat circles the Statue of Liberty before making its way back up the Hudson to home. The tubs are professionally maintained, chlorinated spas. Health standards consistent with CDC guidelines are maintained at all times. Towel rentals are available. Coolers, Ice and Cups are provided free of charge.

Party Boat Rides Near NYC

  • Although our boat is not a party boat per se, we do provide a luxurious space for a wide variety of celebrations, gatherings, and parties. For instance, our yacht can be used to celebrate someone’s:
  • birthday
  • wedding
  • retirement party
  • corporate event, and much more!

    One truly exciting aspect of our party boat rides is the fact that we have hot tubs included on board. This one-of-a-kind experience is the only hot tub boat ride in the entire NYC area! We’ll take you on a 90-minute cruise and allow you to completely relax by soaking in the hot tub.

Jersey City Boat Ride

Our boat ride departs from Liberty Landing Marina, located in Jersey City, NJ. We’ll take you and your friends on a stunning ride from Jersey City to Liberty Island, which will allow you breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty. It doesn’t matter what type of hot tub ride you book because we know you’ll experience the height of luxury either way.
Taking a Jersey City boat ride into New York City also makes it easier to find parking and arrive on time. Unfortunately, riders who show up late may not be able to join the hot tub cruise boat. Therefore, our riders are pleased that we’ve chosen Jersey City as our launch point. 

There are two different options available to you. Either book the boat by the tub, which allows you to have as many as 10 people with you, or book the entire boat, which allows up to 20 people. Alternatively, you may book for only a person or two, but there will most likely be other people sharing the hot tub.

During your 90-minute boat ride, you’ll be able to see the Statue of Liberty, along with the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River. Relax and enjoy with the knowledge that our hot tubs are chlorinated and professionally maintained. They meet or exceed all CDC guidelines.

As you come onboard, we have deckhands available to assist you. We include cups, ice, and coolers free of charge! We also offer towel rentals for a nominal fee. Additionally, there are separate changing rooms and a bathroom onboard. All you need to do is bring your own drinks and you’ll be ready to soak in luxury as we cruise around NYC.

You can rent out the entire tub for a special date night or join others for a day of fun! Our hot tub boat is also ideal for throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party. No matter what reason you want to celebrate, our 40-foot boat provides the perfect ambiance and a one-of-a-kind ride!

Party on hot tub boat day and night in fort lauderdale


Where exactly are you located?

Liberty Landing Marina 

84 Audrey Zapp Drive

Jersey City NJ 07305

Is advance purchase required?

Booking in advance is required. Same day reservations are available and can be made online up to 5 hours before departure. Please book early to maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer. Tickets can be purchased with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB or American Express.

Is there a place for customers to change?
Yes. The marina has lovely facilities to change or use the restroom. Once on the boat, there is a large bathroom and a separate changing room.

Will there be a place to store belongings?
Yes. We provide storage on the boat. This is a free and secure space to lock up your belongings. You DO NOT need to provide your own lock.

Does the tour run in the rain?
Yes. You’re already wet so what’s the difference? :). The boat does have canopies over each tub to protect from heavy rain and is comfortable and enjoyable regardless of precipitation.

What is the best time of day to go on a hot tub boat tour?
Of course the answer is, anytime! However, here is our best attempt to describe how to choose the time of day that is best for you:
Daytime – This is the height of the “action”!
Sunset – Anytime in the NY Harbor is beautiful, but sunset takes the cake! The water generally starts to calm, boat traffic diminishes and the sun starts going down on yet another day in the greatest city in the world. Breathtaking!
Night – Seeing the Skyline all lit up is simply amazing!

How many people can ride on the boat?
We have 2 hot tubs, each seating 10 people comfortably. If you book a semi private outing, your group will have its own tub with a max size capacity of 10. When booking the entire boat, there is a 20 passenger max.

What do I need to wear?
Bathing suits are the way to go.

What is the minimum age allowed to come on a tour?
You must be 13 or older to ride along with your parent or legal guardian. No one under 13 will be permitted to ride.

Am I required to sign a waiver?
Yes. It is a requirement that all individuals participating in the tour sign a waiver. A waiver will be emailed to each participant for electronic signature prior to your tour.

Can I bring my cell phone on the tour?
Yes, cell phones and Go Pros are permitted.

Are Sea the City gift certificates available?
Yes, Sea the City does offer certificates and they make a great gift people will not forget!

What about tipping?
Many of our guests have asked for guidance on gratuities. Tipping is always optional. Our experience is that most guests tip about $20 per passenger. If you would like to tip, you can do so in cash, via Venmo or by requesting your tip be added to your credit card on file. One hundred percent of the gratuity goes to your guides, regardless of the method of payment you use.

How long is the experience?
The tour experience is 90 minutes. Guests must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure to check in.

Is the water clean?
Absolutely! The hot tubs are professionally maintained, commercial grade, chlorinated spas.

Do you have changing facilities?
Yes, we do have changing facilities. We have nice lovely changing rooms but no showers, other than an outdoor area to rinse off.

Can I drink alcohol?
Passengers (21+) are permitted to consume alcohol (beer or wine only) on board. We will not allow anyone on board who is deemed to be drunk. We just want you to stay safe!

I am pregnant
Congrats! We are sorry the Hot Tub Boat is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.

Late Arrival
Unfortunately, if you are late for your session, we cannot offer a refund. If it is a private charter, we can depart when you arrive, returning at the time originally scheduled. However, semi-private bookings do not allow us to hold the boat for you since other customers’ experience would be affected.

Can I change my booking date?
We are happy to change your booking date for free with at least 48 hours’ notice.

Who drives?
The boat is operated by a United States Coast Guard Master Captain, assisted by a deckhand(s).

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