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COVID Birthday Ideas in NYC

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How To Celebrate A Birthday In NYC

Although we are still in times of pandemic, it’s absolutely possible for people of all ages to have a rip roaring birthday celebration. In fact, if you are creative, there are tons of birthday celebrations during COVID to be had all over the Big Apple. From having a small and personal party to having breakfast in bed to jet skiing, we’ve put together some of the best COVID Birthday ideas in NYC for you to check out.

Note: Before heading out or scheduling a celebration, always call ahead and stay abreast of any COVID-19 updates that are in adherence with any state and city laws and guidelines.

Enjoy a Burst of Color

Drab, gray winters can be a drag, but the Color Factory NYC has reopened with limited capacity and can help chase away the winter blues just in time for your birthday. The experiential art exhibit is committed to immersing you in the joy of color in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. It’s a feast for the eyes and your tummy, and you’ll get individually wrapped treats and mochi ice cream by My/Mo while discovering and having the time of your life.

Have a Small Birthday Party

Now that we are well into Phase 4 of New York City’s safe plan, families are able to enjoy some of their usual outings and activities. You may not be able to throw a big bash to bring in your name day, but you can at least get together with a small group of socially distanced friends and family to have a fun time. Ideas for everyone staying entertained include playing Murder in Manhattan and ordering delivery from a local pizzeria such as Lombardi’s, a restaurant which has been twirling pizza dough since the early 1900s.

Charter a Hot Tub Cruise

If your idea of a birthday for the books involves spoiling yourself in luxury, a Hot Tub Boat Cruise from Sea the City is right up your alley. And whether you want to throw a special party with friends or want to buy out the whole hot tub for you and a special someone in your life, this 90-minute excursion allows you to take an unforgettable ride down the Hudson. Each of our hot tubs can accommodate eight people at a time and additional deck seating is available upon request.

Have Breakfast in Bed

As of mid-December, restaurants in NYC are no longer allowed to offer indoor dining. That doesn’t mean that the birthday boy or girl can’t order some of the city’s best grub without leaving their bed, though. For instance, you can pamper yourself by having breakfast in bed, courtesy of Gertie, and the Williamsburg, Brooklyn serves up early bird dishes we crave like Gertie’s Special with ‘Lox, Eggs + Onions’ and creme frîache. Since Gertie got its inspiration from Los Angeles all-day cafes such as Gjelina, you can order sandwiches and cocktails for a group gathering later in the day, too.

Dine Out in a Bubble

There have been concessions for wishing you a cozy happy birthday if you want to enjoy the popular tradition of dining al fresco in The Big Apple. In fact, there are scores of NYC Restaurants that currently provide heated outdoor dining areas. One of them is Café du Soleil, a French bistro that lets you dine outside in a space age bubble. Another is hotspot Adda Indian Canteen, and its owner Roni Mazumdar just purchased and installed propane warmers for the restaurant’s outdoor seating area. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, the food at Adda is beautifully plated and addictive.

Go Jet Skiing

Jet Ski tours are a great way to spend a day with a loved one, the whole family, or a date. Jet Skiing is also a naturally social distanced activity so reserve yours now from Sea the City for a worry-free and exciting birthday excursion. While you are riding the waves, you’ll get to view everything from the Statue of Liberty all the way up to Harlem. Sea the City is only 10 Minutes from Manhattan by Ferry.

Have a Fancy Birthday Cake

Your birthday is no time to get an ordinary cake, so instead, have a fancy one shipped to your house for your big day. The Oasis Café in Flushing can ship a wide variety of sumptuous cakes, pies and other confections to your home. Flavorful desserts they feature include macaron-topped Mango Cream Cake, Fruity Pebbles Cheese Cake and Chocolate Pistachio Baklava bites. Also, if are visiting The Oasis and want free cake, you can download their app and get the first slice free.

Bowl in Times Square

New Yorkers take their bowling very seriously, so why should their birthday be an exception? One to try out for your celebration is Bowlmore Lanes in Time Square, as it’s actually been listed as one of the 10 coolest things to do in Times Square. If you or someone in your group is not much of a bowler, Bowlmore has other fun attractions to check out. For instance, you can grab a cocktail at the bar or play at the billiards table or arcade located there.

Take a New York Harbor Tour

Another good COVID birthday idea is to take a NY tour by boat. The experience is unique and personal, and you get to see New York from the water as few people ever do: From the deck of a private motorboat with New York Harbor Tours, you will see all the historic and beautiful sights of New York Harbor that includes The Statue of Liberty, The Freedom Tower, the Empire State Building and more.

See Long Island Sound

If you’re looking to stay close to the city but also get a bit outside the typical hotspots, check out OSCA Yachting which departs from Port Washington NY. OSCA offers a 43-ft yacht available for private charter.  They offer 4, 6, and 8-hour charters which guest can customize. Since it’s a private charter, it’s as safe as can be when it comes to COVID protocols.

All of these ideas promise a good time, so be sure to appreciate every moment of your celebration, make treasured memories and incite joy!

Fun on the NYC Hot Tub Boat

Check out Sea the City in New York

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