In New York there are innumerable ways to have a memorable experience. Some of the obvious attractions come to mind – Manhattan, Yankee Stadium, the Statue of Liberty. You can visit each one, pay your fare, and see it just like anybody else would.

But why see these incredible sights and more just like everybody else would? You can instead see them as almost nobody has – in a hot tub on the water.

Sea The City’s Hot Tub Boat

Opening in gloriously temperate June, visitors can experience the beauty of New York City in a hot tub from the water. Our new 20-person Hot Tub Boat is going to become your summer’s most memorable experience.

And, as the most novel NYC boat tour around, you’ll be able to upgrade any occasion – whether it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, anniversary, or birthday – in a way you’ll never forget! 

Ways to Celebrate on a Hot Tub Boat

If you’re planning on celebrating a special occasion with us, you’re in luck. 

The Hot Tub Boat experience is whatever you want to make it. We allow up to 20 people on the boat, so you can throw any kind of party you want!

What we’re most excited about is how our customers will make the experience their own. That’s because on this premier hot tub boat you can bring anything you need to drink, eat, and celebrate your special occasion.


Bring that bottle of bubbly and enjoy it on the waves. Our hot tub boat is BYOB, meaning you can bring whatever beer, wine, or liquor you like and store it in our onboard cooler. 

If you want a waterside picnic, bring your lunch! You can also take any type of snacks or non-alcoholic drinks on board.

Have a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party On A Hot Tub Boat

A hot tub boat experience will make your pre-wedding celebration one for the books. Bring all the champagne you want, and our USCG-licensed captain will take all the pictures you need!

Have a Birthday On Board!

No matter the number, any birthday on a hot tub boat will be memorable. Drop off gifts ahead of time and enjoy the sites of New York City by sea. 

Other Amenities

A large bathroom is on board, and a separate changing room allows you to change in or out of swimwear.

We also feature coolers on board for any drinks or food you’ll take on your trip. Special considerations, such as custom tours and special occasions, can almost always be accommodated. Tell us about any individual set-ups or decorations you’ll be bringing and we’ll work it into the most incredible boat tour you’ll ever have. 


Safety is our most primary concern on any tour at Sea the City.

The 40-foot, USCG-licensed and inspected vessel never leaves shore without a complete, multipoint safety and operations check. Our USCG-licensed captain and experienced deckhand are on board at all times to assist guests and maintain a safe and comfortable operation each time we embark. 

For more information about our exclusive hot sub boat experience, contact us! We look forward to being the stage for your next great adventure. 

Ready to Ride with Us?

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