Fort Lauderdale is well-known for its packed spring break beach parties and summer getaways. And while it is always a good time to visit this bustling city, you’ll be happy to hear that the winter season is just as fun as the warmer months. 

We’re often asked if Fort Lauderdale is warm enough in the winter to still have a good time. Well, you can rest assured that there is still plenty of sun to keep you comfortable during your favorite activities. Additionally, many consider the months of December through April as a better time to visit the area than the scorching summer months.  

During that time, you can look forward to temperatures that hit the high 70s to 80s during the day and rarely get too cold at night. Also, you can head out on your adventures with little more than a light jacket and excitement for what your day holds without the worry of summer and fall pop up thunderstorms. 

We’ve listed some fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale to give you some inspiration for planning a fun-filled adventure.

Catch Some Rays at the Fort Lauderdale Beaches

Starting the list of fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale is the tradition of soaking up some rays at the beach. To that end, Las Olas Beach is one of the best places to head out to since it offers a little something for everyone. The beach lies at the intersection of A1A and the famous Las Olas Boulevard. After exploring the various eateries and shops along the road, you can enjoy a lovely rest on this beach as you reflect upon your exciting day.

Sebastian Street Beach is another beach locale that is popular for being LGBTQ-friendly and open to everyone. This beach is extremely accommodating, and you can request a beach wheelchair for people with disabilities by contacting the Sebastian Street Lifeguard at 954-828-4595. The amenities at this beach also include accessible showers and parking if you visit the lot at 3031 Sebastian Street.

Across the street from Hugh Birch State Park, you’ll find North Beach. There, you can enjoy a variety of activities that range from surfing to flying a kite. North Beach is also a perfect place to just sit back and enjoy watching the wildlife after you enjoy a private boat tour Fort Lauderdale visitors can’t stop talking about.

Enjoy a Successful Fishing Trip

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or professional angler, as you’ll find ample opportunities for everyone to reel in a catch of the day all year long. You can choose your own adventure to find success. For example, if you prefer freshwater, then the Everglades are perfect for taking an airboat out and catching snakehead and bass.

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at offshore fishing, then check out one of the many local charters. They’ll provide you with all the gear and tackle that you need to avoid being weighed down by having to carry your own. At the end of your trip, you just might even have a picture or two of you reeling in the big one.

Learn Something New at a Museum

The NSU Art Museum is housed in a building that is a creative work by itself. Edward Barnes designed the 75,000 square foot building in 1986, and it shows off his modernist flair. This mega-museum features more than 6,000 pieces in its collection that all give you a greater understanding of the unique history and culture of South Florida and the Caribbean Islands. 

If you are a Pablo Picasso fan, then you’ll love being able to view the museum’s collection of ceramics that have people flocking here from all over the world to see them.

The Naval Air Station Museum is another hot spot that will leave your mind soaring with new information. Here, you can check out exhibits such as the recreation of soldiers’ barracks along with many different artifacts that give you a sense of what military life is like. 

Go Shopping on Olas Blvd.

Did you know that Las Olas means, “the waves”? It does, and you’ll find it easy to remember this fun tidbit of information when you see how the commercial part of the street runs for one mile from Andrews Avenue in the business center all the way to the waves at the gorgeous beach. A visit to this street gives you all the shops that you need to pick up a few souvenirs to bring back to your loved ones at home. At night, the street really lights up with nightclubs, bars and restaurants that all have a relaxed beach vibe.

Plan a Nature Sight-Seeing Trip

Hugh Birch State Park is known as being an amazing oasis where you can find rentals for bikes and beach gear. You can also burn off any excess energy that you have on the nearly two-mile loop road through the park that welcomes bikers and skaters. Avid bird watchers will be especially excited to visit the park since there are over 250 native birds that regularly visit the area. 

Relax On a Hot Tub Boat Tour

In addition to the usual surfing and skating, you might be looking for some unique things to do in Fort Lauderdale. If you are worried about the water being a little chilly in the winter months, then a hot tub boat tour will ease all your concerns. There’s nothing like being able to immerse yourself in the water as you soak up the sights such as the beautiful skyline. You can even book a private Sea the City Fort Lauderdale boat tour that others will envy as you take off from the shore to make exciting memories with your closest family and friends.

Plan an Unforgettable Winter Beach Adventure with Sea the City 

Leaving those cold days behind at home and stepping into the sun is the ultimate way to spend the winter, and Fort Lauderdale has everything you need for a fun-filled getaway. Before you start picking out your swimsuit, make sure to schedule your reservations now for exciting excursions such as your hot tub boat tour. Knowing that you’ve got personal access to some of the hottest adventures on the beach adds that extra touch of excitement that makes your vacation memorable.

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