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How to Plan A Trip to New York City

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Planning a trip to New York City?

Well, there’s a lot to think about, but only because there’s so much to do. No matter what your tastes are, there are loads of things to do for literally anybody and everybody!

All of the parts of this article are aimed at preparing and planning for your trip to New York City. It isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, but instead a set of considerations to take that will undoubtedly help you have the greatest trip you possibly can.

Should I bring cash?

Cash is an important part of New York City because street vendors are an important part of the city.

Many street vendors – whether it’s pizza or hot dogs or street cart sausages – are cash only. You can’t go to New York City without trying some of the street food.

Where should I go to eat?

That all depends on what you’re looking for.

New York City has some of the best restaurants in the world among nearly all cuisines. There is also an almost limitless supply of places that are just cheap holes in the wall, or chain restaurants.

How do I get around?

The subway system in New York City is comprehensive and extensive, meaning you can get to most places easily with just a subway trip.

With that said, you can’t discount the value of using rideshare services like Uber, or by hailing one of the iconic yellow taxis always running up and down the street.

What about the historical sites?

All of the most popular sites have tour companies that manage guided tours. The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and more all have expert guides that can dive deep into the history of most places.

What about Central Park?

One of the most beautiful places in New York City, there’s no way you can see it all in one go.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You can rent a bike and see a ton of it all at once, or you can get lost for a few hours walking its long and wide boulevards and winding dirt paths. You’ll also run into a number of concession stands, street food, and most likely artists working on on-site portraits.

Is New York expensive?

There’s a lot in New York City that you have to pay for, and in some cases its premium prices.

With that said, New York City is not necessarily an expensive place to visit. In many ways it’s no different than other cities you might visit. There are places you can eat for cheap, while there are also places that are expensive enough to be written about. It’s all about what you’re looking for.

Is New York Safe?

Most all of New York City is safe, in large part from efforts taken in the 1990’s to clean up the city’s image. During the day, you’d be hard-pressed to feel unsafe anywhere.

At night, you must take the same precautions you would anywhere else. There are dark alleys, bad neighborhoods, and other dangerous spots in all cities. So, think of it as NYC being as dangerous as any other major city can be.

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