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Jet ski tricks are almost a YouTube video genre of their own, but not all are created equally. As the year comes to a close and even our winter jet ski tours are wrapping up, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the most insane jet ski trick videos of 2017.

1. DVX Flatwater Freestyle 2017 (Jet Ski Freestyle)

Our first pick from BShipman Films features some amazing cinematography and some even more impressive riding and jet ski tricks.

2. WABUZUN Championship 2017 Round1

Leave it to the Japanese to take it to a whole new level. BUN FREESTYLE competition in Hiroshima Japan features some of the most competitive and technical riding we’ve ever seen. No driving jokes here.

3. Jet Ski Tricks at Lake Havasu 2017 Desert Storm

Lake Havasu is home to some of the south-wests most legendary spring break parties, but it’s also some to the Desert Storm Jet Ski Freestyle competition and some great jet ski tricks. This video one viewer captured features a bunch of fails at the beginning, but some solid landed tricks and more backflips than I think we’ve ever seen in a 30-second span.

4. Incredible Jet Ski Stunts

Thank the heavens for GoPro. This video features some amazing jet ski tricks shot from high-quality HD POV. These guys take jet skis to the next level with these fun flips and tricks.

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