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The Most Insane Jet Ski Trick Videos of 2023

a man flying through the air while riding a wave in the ocean

Jet ski tricks are almost a YouTube video genre of their own, but not all are created equally. As the year continues an our jet ski tours are are going strong, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the most insane jet ski trick and stunt videos of 2023.

1. Jet Ski Lamborghini tricks with Goofy Gang at Dunedin Causeway

Our first pick from features some amazing cinematography and some even more impressive riding, jet ski tricks, and stunts, including stand up tricks that you should not try at home.

2. Jet Ski Tricks Freestyle

These 3 jet skiing friends share some insane jet ski tricks from a 3rd person view. One jet skiier being the camera person, and the other 2 freestyle stunt artists.

3. Spark Trixx 2023 3up, Lake Wakatipu

Body cam coverage of freestyle jet ski tricks that shows this jet ski session from launch to wipeout. But, don’t worry, he gets back on the jet ski and keeps on going.

4. Jet ski Freestyle Daytona 2023

This freestyle trick seession include some amazing stunts, including flips, spins, and other amazing arial trucks that should only be attempted by professionals.

5. 2023 Jet Ski Trick Fails

This compelation video shows what can happen when attempting tricks and being in too close of a proximity to others.

6. Expert Jet Ski Rider’s Mind-Blowing Skills

In this video, we witness an expert jetski rider showing off their incredible skills. Watch as they turn, stop, mount, dive, and ride the waves like a true professional. From their flawless technique to their fearless attitude, this jetski rider is a force to be reckoned with.

7. Stream – Main Event – Spring Round – 2023 US Freestyle Championship

Stream of the main jet ski competition. Spring Round of 2023 P1 FUELS US Freestyle Championship under the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

8. Speeding Jetskis on The Hudson River – NYC

This video from Classic Car Club Manhattan showcases CCC’s Aquadome. Being positioned atop the Hudson River gives the perfect place to launch the first in a fleet of Sea-Doo personal watercraft. See New York from a completely new vantage point, tip your hat to Lady Liberty or open it up and experience extreme speeds on water.

9. Boat Parties & Jet Ski Stunts Lake Havasu City Arizona Jet Ski Freestyle at the London Bridge 2023

Jet Ski Freestyle Stunts in Lake Havasu City Arizona at the London Bridge and Bridgewater Channel. The US Freestyle Championship Jet Skis performing Stunts & Tricks on the water.

10. Daytona Beach Freeride 2023 including Flat Water Friday!

This freestyle jet skiing event ncludes some crazy tricks and stunts performed by professionals, including the Flat Water Friday shenanigans at Lake Diaz!

We hope you enjoyed these jet ski trick, stunt, and fail videos. Please do not try any of these tricks or stunts on your own, especially without ample jet skiing experience and proper safety protocals in place. We want everyone to have a safe, fun time on the water this year!

jet skis in New York on the water

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