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Can You Jet Ski Around the Statue of Liberty?

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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to jet ski around the Statue of Liberty? Well, the answer is yes, and we are going to show you how this can be done. We will also discuss what jet skiing is and why it’s so popular in New York City. In addition, we will talk about why the Statue of Liberty has such significance for NY.

Significance of the Statue of Liberty to NY

The Statue of Liberty has become a world-famous monument for New York City. It was gifted to the city by France in 1886, and it’s one of the most notable icons that represent NYC today. The statue stands at 305 feet high (including the pedestal)!

Additionally, the landmark is an iconic symbol for freedom, which is embodied through Lady Liberty herself. Her torch represents enlightenment, and her tablet represents the law.

Can You Jet Ski to the Statue of Liberty?

As mentioned, you can jet ski to the Statue of Liberty. Sea The City Jet Ski Tours get you up close and personal to the Statue of Liberty and various other top New York City tourist attractions. 

From this vantage point, you can get a fantastic view of the historic statue itself and take selfies that are definitely Instagram-worthy. 

As a bonus, you get to skip the huge lines and crowds that buzz around at this popular tourist attraction.

Why Jet Ski around the Statue of Liberty?

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush and a unique way to see the Statue of Liberty in all her glory, then consider jet-skiing around it! It’s a great way to spend an hour or two, and you’ll be able to take in all the sights and sounds that make NYC so spectacular. Plus, jet skiing is just plain fun—so why not try it out for yourself?

What Will I See on a Jet Ski Tour?

While you are jetting around on a One-Hour New York Harbor Tour and seeing the Statue of Liberty, you’ll get to see amazing attractions like the postcard-perfect Brooklyn Bridge, the famous Manhattan skyline, and much, much more. 

How Safe is Jet Skiing if it’s My First Time?

Jet skiing is a fun activity that you can do in New York City, and it’s pretty safe if you follow all the rules of safety for jet skis, including wearing life jackets at all times. 

You might also want to check with your family or friends before going out on the water, so they know where you are. Be sure to check out Sea the City’s NYC Tourism Blog if you want to learn more about jet skiing in New York City.

Why Book a Jet Ski Tour with Sea the City?

Sea the City offers jet ski tours that allow you to explore NYC like never before. You’ll get a unique perspective of some of New York’s most famous landmarks and also see why jet skiing is one of the fastest-growing sports in America today! 

The best part? It’s relatively inexpensive compared with taking your own personal watercraft out on the water. 

Jet Skiing Around the Statue of Liberty is Not Only Possible but Fun Too!

So, there you have it—jet skiing around the Statue of Liberty is definitely possible, and it’s a fun way to see some of NYC’s most famous landmarks. If you want to experience this unique activity for yourself, be sure to check out Sea the City’s jet ski tours. You won’t regret it!

Starting at $169

Sea the City Jet Ski tours offer a unique way for tourists and New Yorkers alike to get up close to the sights and attractions on their very own Jet Ski. Book online today!

What you’ll see: Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Governor’s Island, Ellis Island, Freedom Tower, Janes Carousel, One Brooklyn Park, South Street Seaport, Empire State Building, and more!