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NYC Client Entertainment & Team Building

Jetski Tours are an Exciting and Unique Cooperate Event, Team Building Exercise or way to Entertain Your Clients

Over the last 30 years or so, we’ve explored New York City’s (NYC’s) skyline from the surrounding waters. Our Jet Ski Tours are ideal for corporate events of any kind, including building strong work teams, or rewarding outstanding employees as a cooperate insentive, and hosting and entertaining favorite clients. Your guests and clients will totally enjoy our excursions, which are both safe, unusual, and exciting. Instead of taking your clients to dinner (again), give them an unforgettable once-in-a lifetime client entertainment experience. Witness the splendor of Manhattan, Ellis Island, and the majestic Statue of Liberty from the NYC harbor.

A Unique and Active Team Building Event

Over the years, we have hosted numerous corporate events and team building encounters, featuring our exciting Jet Ski Tours. During the hot summer days, little is more welcome than our unique, cooling Jet Ski Tours around NYC waters. We have witnessed the many employee team bonding events and the incredible expressions of wonder and excitement of our clients during and after one of these unique tours. In fact, some NYC natives, as we are, marvel at the different perspective they get from viewing their city from the water. Whether corporations want a picnic for staff or celebrating a special milestone or occasion, our Jet Ski Tours will be the highlight of the event.

The Most Unforgettable Client Entertainment in NYC

NYC Client entertainment has never been as high octane as this. When you entertain your best clients, they will be impressed that you feature outside the box thinking to help them kick back and have fun. We’ll bet that they haven’t had a Jet Ski Tour of New York Harbor before. With the NYC skyline looming over the harbor, they will have stunning views of Manhattan while they cruise the waters surrounding the city. These Jet Ski Tours prove that you don’t just “talk the talk,” but you also “walk the walk.” Why not do something different for your next corporate event. Book a Jet Ski Tour of New York Harbor!

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