Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tours


Where exactly are you located?

We are located inside liberty landing marina. Parking is available on-site.

Come down “d” dock and sea the city is at the end of the dock by the white house with the large red “fuel” sign.

Is advance purchase required?

Booking in advance is required. Same day reservations are available and can be made online up to 1 hour before departure. Please book early to maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer. Tickets can be purchased with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB or American Express.

Do I need jet ski experience to enjoy the tour?

No. Jet Ski’s are very simple to operate and comfortable to drive. Our licensed instructors give a short safety briefing before we depart and are always close by while out on the water. The first few minutes are within a no wake zone (5 mph speed limit) where you will get the feel of it before you start to accelerate out in the open water. More than half of our customers have in fact never ridden a jet ski. So long as you’re comfortable in and around the water, you’ll have a blast!

Is there a place for customers to change?
Yes. The marina has nice facilities to change or use the restroom
Will there be a place to lock up belongings?
Yes. We provide a free and secure space to lock up your belongings. You DO NOT need to provide your own lock.


Is New York Harbor clean enough to jet ski in?

Great question. The answer is yes! During the last 30 years government and private business have made great efforts to clean up the Harbor and with great success. New York Harbor is cleaner now than it has been in over 100 years. You can read a NYC DEP report here

Does the tour run in the rain?

Rain is not the only weather that can prevent us from being able to take a tour out. Weather and water conditions can be dangerous even if it appears to be a beautiful day out. If the weather or water conditions are unsafe we will reschedule your tour. We do not always know in advance, so please if you are concerned about the conditions give us a call and ask.

What is the best time of day to go on a tour?

Of course the answer is, anytime! However, here is our best attempt to describe how to choose the time of day that is best for you…

  • Morning (7a-11:30a) – This is typically the calmest part of the day. The conditions at 7am can be lake like.

  • Afternoon (Noon-3:30p) – This is the height of the “action”. Want to be out riding (safely) along side ferries, tour boats and mega-yachts?     Midday is the time to do it.

  • Late Afternoon (5p-6:30p) – Anytime in NY Harbor is beautiful, but late afternoon takes the cake. The water generally starts to calm, boat traffic diminishes and the sun starts going down on yet another day in the greatest City in the world. Breathtaking.

What is a jet ski tour?

We provide only guided tours. Our licensed guides are on their own jet ski, while you drive another. A tour consists of a group of several jet skis which stay within a reasonable distance to the guide.

What is the difference between a jet ski rental and a jet ski tour?

A rental is a limited area where you ride the jets skis. A tour is very different, we take you to points of interest within NYC (sights depend on which tour you choose). Our tours provide a unique way to see NYC. While you will be following a guide you will have more room to operate the ski at a comfortable speed for you. Our tour guides will escort you on our tour routes which are designed to provide optimal views of NYC without you needing to know where to go.

How many people can ride one jet ski?

We will allow 1 or 2 people on one jet ski, provided the combined weight of the riders is under 350 pounds, although it is easier to maneuver with one person on a jet ski.

If two people go on a jet ski, are we allowed to switch drivers?

Yes, as long as both drivers are 18 and over, you may switch during the tour only at designated area allowed by tour guide.

Do we pay per person or per jet ski?

The standard price is for 1 person on the jet ski. If you have a passenger on your jet ski, there will be an extra charge that is significantly lower than the standard price.

What do I need to wear on a jet ski tour?

We highly recommend wearing your bathing suit, you will certainly be getting wet so will be most comfortable in your swimsuit. Colder months, we have complimentary wetsuits and water boots available for anyone that would like them.

Will I be able to get pictures of my tour?

Yes, we provide pictures for an additional fee. Photography packages available at discounted cost before tour or at full price on day of the tour. Please contact us for more information about our photo packages.

If I forget to add photos, but want to do so at the time of the tour, is that possible?

Yes! You may add photos at any time until departure. We accept cash or card on the dock.

Are private tours or longer tours available?

Yes! Please contact us directly at 1-866-462-4565 or email to inquire further. We will determine the best time for you to travel and set your group up for a tour you will love.

What is the minimum age to come on a jet ski tour?

The minimum age to operate a jet ski is 18 years old. You must be 14 or older to ride along with your parent or legal guardian.

What is the difference between a Jet ski, Waverunner, Sea-doo, water scooter and personal water craft (PWC)?

Jet ski, Waverunner and Sea-doo are brand names of personal water crafts. They are all water scooters or personal water crafts (PWCs).

What kind of Personal Water Craft (PWC) do we use on our tours?

We use 2017 & 2018 Yamaha EX machines. These are sit down waverunners. However, we do refer to them as jet skis, because that is how people commonly know them.

Am I required to sign a waiver?

Yes. It is a requirement that all individuals participating sign a waiver. A waiver will be emailed to each participant for electronic signature prior to your tour.

Is there a weight limit for your jet skis?

Yes, the combined weight of riders must be no more than 350 lbs.

How fast can I go?

The PWC’s go up to 55 mph, and your speed is not restricted. We only ask that you stay within sight of our tour guide. Weather and water conditions will also determine the speed which you can safely ride.

Will I be charged extra for gas?

No, gas is included in the tour price.

Do I need a license to drive a jet ski?

No, You do not need any license to drive or ride a jet ski on our tours, because you are with our licensed guide. You must have a valid photo ID.

Will I need to pay extra for a wetsuit?

No, if you need to wear a wetsuit, water shoes or other riding accessories we will provide them for you as part of the tour price.

Will I wear a life vest?

Yes, both operators and passengers will need to wear a life vest to be allowed on a jet ski.

What if I fall off the jet ski?

If you should fall off, the emergency cut off switch will disable the PWC and your life vest will keep you afloat while you re-board from the rear of the jet ski.

Can I bring my cell phone on the tour?

No, cell phones are not allowed on the tour for safety reasons.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes and they make a great gift!

What about tipping?

Many of our customers have asked for guidance on gratuities. Tipping is always optional. Our experience is most customers tip about 15%. If you would like to tip that can be done in cash, via Venmo or by asking to add it to your credit card on file. 100% of the tip goes to your team, regardless of the method of payment you use.