Celebrate your special occasion on the waters of the hudson & NYC

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Exciting & Unique Activities for Birthdays, Special Occasions, Anniversaries and More

Our Jet Ski Tours on the Hudson and New York City (NYC) are ideal for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, whether professional (work-oriented) or personal. Touring the Hudson River and NYC Harbor on a Jet Ski is an exciting and unique way to celebrate your special occasion.

Make someone’s birthday truly special with our exciting, always safe, jet ski tours of Manhattan. The participants will get a rare view of the New York City skyline that most people have not yet seen. Even NYC residents probably haven’t seen these unforgettable views of Manhattan.

Why not make your birthday or anniversary super special? You’ll achieve this goal with our unique Jet Ski views of Manhattan from the Hudson and New York Harbor. We have already entertained thousands of guests with our Jet Ski Tours of the harbor. You should consider awarding yourself or others with our unique Jet Ski Tours when it’s your birthday or another special event.

Manhattan island is surrounded by water. The best way to appreciate NYC and its boroughs, as well as Ellis Island and the Brooklyn Bridge is on the NYC surrounding water. Your next special occasion will be truly special when you view Manhattan from the NYC waters.

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