Special Occasions & Birthdays

Celebrate Your Special Occasion on the Waterways of New York

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Sea the City’s NYC Tours Offer Exciting & Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Special Occasion

Whether you decide to jump on a Jet Ski for an exhilarating ride or come aboard our unique Hot Tub Boat. Sea the City tours are ideal for special occasions. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette/bachelor parties, proposals, and more while traveling down the Hudson River and NYC Harbor. Our guests will get rare and unforgettable views of the New York City skyline from a unique perspective that most people (even native New Yorkers) have never seen.

Special Occasions & Birthdays
Special Occasions & Birthdays

Our Jet Ski Tours & Hot Tub Boat Offer the Perfect Outdoor Activity for Your Special Occasion

Our Jet Ski and Hot Tub Boat tours are ideal for special occasions including engagements, birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties in New York, anniversaries, and more. Our unique tour is ideal for a romantic night on the Hudson River.

What Our Hot Tub Tours Include

Special Occasions & Birthdays

Bluetooth Sound System

Enjoy your favorite music! Each hot tub has its own dedicated sound system, allowing you to easily connect your own music to your private tub.

Special Occasions & Birthdays

Luxurious Amenities

The boat’s amenities include a large bathroom and a separate changing room. In addition to the Captain, deckhands are on board to assist our guests.

Special Occasions & Birthdays


Guests 21+ are welcome to bring their own beer, wine, champagne, or hard seltzer on their tour. We provide our guests with coolers, ice, cups, and water at no additional cost.

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