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NYC Team Outing Ideas & Tips for an Unforgettable Time

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If you work in a corporate environment, you’ve probably thought about things to do today in New York City.

Planning a group outing – above all – requires that you choose the right activity. It has to be something that can be enjoyed equally by a large number of people, and something that fosters communication and maybe a bit of teamwork.

Team outings are great ways to connect people in your team and make them feel closer. As corporations recognize this more and more over time, team outings are becoming increasingly popular ways to optimize efficiency and create lasting bonds between employees.

It also can’t be understated that group outings often lead to gratitude from your team – something any manager or executive can appreciate.

If you’re looking for things to do in NYC today for a group outing – look no further. We took the five most popular categories – outdoor sports, educational, restaurants open late, cultural activities, and wellness activities and found the best choice for each.

Have you tried one of these activities? Let us know in the comments!


New York City is a hub for educational enrichment. That’s because many of the world’s leading experts in various fields call NYC home.

If you’re thinking of taking your team on an educational trip, we suggest the Brooklyn Historical Society.

There’s almost no other example of an institution taking as deep of a dive into the history and people of an area better than the BHS. Their current exhibitions include “The Photographs of Builder Levy,” a photo installation detailing the work of revered Brooklyn photographer Builder Levy.

Restaurants Open Late

Sometimes, a good night of drinking with colleagues is what you need to bring you together. The next thing you’ll need when you’re done – especially if you are out late – is somewhere to eat.

Our favorite place to eat late night is Taco Mix. The Mexican fare is always fresh and stunningly delicious, which belies its rather stripped-down decorating job. In terms of places to each after a night of drinking, you can get well-priced tacos with flavors you surely will never forget.

Cultural Activities

Just like travel, diving into a culture together in a group is a way to feel connected through the shared experience of something new and unfamiliar.

The best bang for your buck in New York City is the Metropolitan Art Museum. With a storied collection containing literally hundreds of thousands of pieces, you can dive into ancient traditions and modern collections alike – your team may be surprised with how much they have in common in terms of their tastes in art.

Wellness Activities

Especially in high-stress environments, self-love and self-care are paramount to sustained effort and efficiency.

As a manager or boss, you may want to have your team learn more about how to take care of themselves. Perhaps the most interesting event taking place very soon is a workshop called “Your Life on Purpose: Building the Foundation for a Purpose-Driven Career, Business & Life.” Your team will learn more about how to find balance in their work, and it will pay dividends in terms of creativity, performance, and sustainability.

Outdoor Sports

You can try a team sport like soccer and football to get your crew moving, but why not take this opportunity to try something a little different?

Sea the City is not only an exciting opportunity to try your hand at an exciting outdoor pastime – jetskiing! It’s one of the best ways to foster an experience that will linger in the minds of your team for years to come, all while learning a new skill.

You also don’t have to worry about whether or not the members of your team know how to ride a jet ski. Our experienced instructors are specially trained to understand the needs of even the most beginner-level riders, with novel instruction methods to get everyone on the right level to experience the adrenaline rush only a jetski ride can offer.

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