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The Five Best Waterfront Parks in New York City

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Sometimes the best way to unwind is with a stroll along the water. There’s something at once calming and captivating about hearing the water hit the shore, which is why waterfront parks are such popular recreation spots.

Yet, as winter is still upon us we’re a couple of months out from being able to enjoy one of these relaxing strolls. Regardless, this is a great time to plan for the warmer months – see below our top five waterfront parks where you can breath clean and get those juices flowing!

Hunter’s Point South Park

This Long Island waterfront park is a reclaimed industrial area that only until recently was abandoned. Since its reclamation, you can enjoy a stunning waterside promenade, bike trails, playgrounds, and even basketball courts!

The best feature of this waterfront park is the 13,000 square foot pavilion. Here, you’ll find delightful concession stands and an elevated plaza for activities, vendors, and more!

Pier 44 Waterfront Garden

An incredible view of the Statue of Liberty makes Pier 44 Waterfront Garden one of the best spots in the NYC area for a waterside stroll. Walking trails, flower beds, and some of the best vantage points to take in the skyline make Pier 44 a top notch outdoor relaxation spot.

Gantry Plaza State Park

Beautifully manicured terraces, ample public seating, and sculpted boardwalks all come together at Gantry Plaza State Park. The entire 12-acre park is designed to give you incredible views of Midtown and help you forget your troubles with ball courts and isolated walking paths.

You’ll also be able to witness the massive gantries – huge huge metal structures used for loading and unloading railcars – that serve as a reminder of the area’s industrial past.

Tribeca Dog Run

If you’ve got a four-legged friend who needs to blow off some steam, bring them to Tribeca. A fenced-off dog park serves as the centerpiece of this waterfront park, but the area offers so much more.

For you, the incredible views of the New York City Skyline – almost the closest you’ll find around – will steal your heart. Obstacles and a splash bath create a complete and immersive experience for your pup and their friends, great for hours of play.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservatory

This waterfront park brings together the best of indoor and outdoor recreation for any kind of weather. A full-size indoor recreation center with basketball and other games is great for colder months and rainy days. The open boardwalks overlooking the iconic skyscrapers of NYC are perfect for a spring- or summertime stroll.

The best part about this waterfront park is its proximity to the Brooklyn Bridge. There’s almost no better way to see the full monumental size of this NYC mainstay than at the Park Conservatory.

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