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Best Water Shoes: Choosing the Best Water Shoes for Jet Skiing and More

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As far as activewear is concerned, water shoes are among the most applicable out there. From jet skiing to rafting, water polo, and more, investing in the right water shoe could open up a whole world of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Especially for jet skiing, the right water shoe can mean the difference between a safe and precarious ride. From traction and waterproofing to comfort and applicability, finding the right jet ski water shoes is an opportunity to open up a whole new world of fun.

We’ve put together an explainer on the considerations to take when choosing water shoes for your next jet skiing adventure, and for anything else you can imagine in terms of outdoor activities. Happy hunting!


To ask the question of whether you want waterproof shoes begs an answer to another—do you mind if your feet get wet? This can determine in large part the style of water shoe you decide to purchase.

For instance, there are full-coverage water shoes that are waterproof, in case you had other activities to partake in after your jet ski adventure. Such models as the Body Glove Riptide provide complete waterproofing protection.

You may also consider whether or not waterproofing is not crucially important in your trip. One popular feature of many water shoes are perforations or sandal-like designs, which can allow the feet to breath.


Traction is an important safety consideration when choosing water shoes. Being able to plant the feet squarely allows for greater stability and, ultimately, more control over the jet ski.

Thankfully, most brands offer water shoes where the soles are extra “tacky,” meaning even in wet conditions they will grip the surface in question.


This is where there is truly no right answer. Comfort is among the most important part of choosing water shoes because, while in the thick of an exciting ride, foot pain can break concentration and potentially lead to unsafe situations.

It’s crucial to try as many models as possible. Our feet are all shaped slightly differently, and water shoes come in many different shapes. Fitting preference is super important when choosing the right water shoe—while some people find that something as form-fitting as a water glove, which is designed to wrap around the toes, is comfortable, this design isn’t for everybody. Try, try, and try again to make sure you find the right kind of water shoe that fits both in size and design for your next jet ski ride.


For any long-term investment, it’s always advisable to see where you can apply your purchase. Along with durability, understanding what might work best in the most situations can make or break the value of purchasing water shoes.

For instance, some people will use the same water shoes for jet skiing as well as hiking. If this is a consideration you’re making, we might suggest a full-coverage shoe with more durable construction. These OluKai ‘Eleu Trainer Water Shoes, though a bit higher in price than other models, makes up for that in durability and applicability. Whether hiking, jet skiing, canoeing, or any other range of water sports, these and some other models would be a great fit for this pair.

Jet Ski Water Shoes – Wrapping It All Up

In the end, much of this comes down to preference. Yet, while you need to make sure you find the right shoe for you, it is always advisable to consult an expert if you have any questions.

The bottom line is that choosing the right water shoe is a safety consideration. For the most fun, comfortable, and enriching jet ski ride possible, give us a call beforehand, and we can walk you through these considerations (and more) before your first, next, or last ride.

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