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Jet skiing is one of the most fun water activities out there. There’s nothing like revving that engine and feeling the spray pushing you forward and nailing that tight left turn that pushes gallons of water into an impressive wave.

But plainly put, jet skiing is wet. That’s why the right clothing is essential to having a great time. It’s always advisable to bring a change of clothes if you’re continuing your day doing other activities, but knowing what to wear on a jet ski is in fact half the battle.

At Sea the City, we provide all the safety gear and weather-appropriate clothing you’ll need. Below, read about what to expect in terms of what to wear on your next jet skiing excursion!


What to Wear While Jet Skiing


1.   Swimwear

What to Wear Jet Skiing – A Beginners Guide

A bathing suit is the first thing to consider when going out on your jet skiing adventure. Whether just a pair of swimming trunks or a full-bodied swimsuit, standard swimwear is a must.

It’s important to wear a bathing suit that is comfortable. Tight-fitting bathing suits are great if they are elastic, because mobility is important when controlling a jet ski. If you’re wearing swimming trunks, finding that right balance between breathability and form-fitting design will strike the perfect balance to enjoy your jet skiing adventure.

For both men and women, REI offers a great selection of athletic swimwear perfect for jet skiing. If you don’t want to go all out for your jet ski attire, really ANY bathing suit is fine, so long as you’ve got a life vest over it.

womens bathing suit with long sleeve top

For guys pretty much any swim trunks will do.

mens bathing suit

2.   Water Shoes

Being able to have your feet planted securely on the sides of your jet ski is crucial to a safe ride. That means having appropriate footwear will ensure a safe jet skiing experience.

There are tons of options out there for water shoes. Some are porous to allow for breathability, while others are closed-toe to truly keep your feet dry.

Dicks has some really affordable options for water shoes including their own brand.

Water Shoes

3.   Life Jacket/Life Vest

life vests on dock

The most important part of jet skiing is safety. That means life jackets, especially for Sea the City jet ski excursions, are required.

Life jackets are worn not only by passengers, but by crew members. With a properly-fitted life vest you are guaranteed to be completely 100 percent safe in the event of falling into the water. Our expert crew employ every technique possible to ensure you not only have a well-fitted life vest, but that they are perfectly fitted to your body for optimal comfort and safety. We provide free life vests however Dicks also has a great selection of products here too.

Now that you have these jet ski atire guidelines down you’re ready for our jet ski tours of NYC!

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