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What to Wear Jet Skiing – A Beginners Guide

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Jet skiing is one of the most fun water activities out there. In fact, there’s nothing like revving that engine and feeling the spray pushing you forward and nailing that tight left turn that pushes gallons of water into an impressive wave. 

Of course, wearing the right clothing is essential to having a great time, and it’s always advisable to bring a change of clothes if you plan on doing something after enjoying the water-based activities.  

Below, read about what to expect in terms of what to wear on your next jet skiing excursion!

What to Wear While Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is wet, and knowing what to wear while you’re doing it wins half the battle against sogginess. The following guide gives 10 tips for beginners on what to wear while jet skiing to elevate the experience. 

FYI: Ages 12 and over can ride on our Sea the City Jet Skiing Tours if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Also, ages 18 and over can drive. 

1. Swimwear

What to Wear for women when Jet Skiing

A bathing suit is the first thing to consider when going out on your jet skiing adventure. Whether it’s just a pair of swimming trunks or a full-bodied swimsuit, standard swimwear is a must.

It’s important to wear a bathing suit that is comfortable. Tight-fitting bathing suits are great if they are elastic, as mobility is important when controlling a jet ski. If you’re wearing swimming trunks, finding that right balance between breathability and form-fitting design will strike the perfect balance to enjoy your jet skiing adventure.

For both men and women, REI offers a great selection of athletic swimwear that’s perfect for jet skiing. However, if you don’t want to go all out for your jet ski attire, really ANY bathing suit is fine, just as long as you’ve got a life vest over it. 

For guys, pretty much any swim trunks will do.

What to Wear for men Jet Skiing


2. Water Shoes

What to Wear Jet Skiing water shoes

Being able to have your feet planted securely on the sides of your jet ski is crucial to a safe ride and having the appropriate footwear will ensure a safe jet skiing experience.

There are tons of options out there for water shoes. Some are porous to allow for breathability, while others are closed-toe to truly keep your feet dry. The best water shoes for jet skiing are those that fit snuggly and have ample grip. Dicks Sporting Goods has some really affordable options for water shoes, including their own brand.

3. Life Jacket/Life Vest

What to Wear Jet Skiing life jacket

The most important part of jet skiing is safety. That means life jackets, especially for Sea the City Jet Ski excursions, are required.

Life jackets are worn not only by passengers, but by crew members. With a properly-fitted life vest you are guaranteed to be completely 100 percent safe in the event of falling into the water. Our expert crew employ every technique possible to ensure you not only have a well-fitted life vest, but that they are perfectly fitted to your body for optimal comfort and safety. We provide free life vests. However, Dicks also has a great selection of products here, too.

4. Safety Lanyard

What to Wear Jet Skiing safety lanyard

When operating your waterbike, you must wear a lanyard around your wrist that is attached to the key in the ignition. This setup is known as the kill switch cord. In a nutshell, if you fall off, it kills the engine.  

5. Sunscreen

What to Wear Jet Skiing sunscreen

The sun beams down on you while you’re riding the waves, and it also reflects from the water, which practically ensures that your skin gets maximum exposure to the sun and the painful sunburn that goes with it. Sunscreen doesn’t really fall into the clothing category, per se, but it’s smart to wear it during your outing to combat burns. Bring some along for touch ups, as well. Mineral sunscreens are safer than chemical types, and Project Sunscreen makes a really good broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen

6. Cap or Hat

What to Wear Jet Skiing water cap

Caps and hats can protect your delicate noggin and forehead from the blazing sun. Any type or style will do, just about, but be sure to wear ones that are tight fitting enough not to go flying off when the wind hits them.

7. Sunglasses or Goggles

What to Wear Jet Skiing water goggles

Although the waterways of the New York Harbor are stunning, salt water spray from it is likely to sting your eyes. Special goggles or sunglasses that are specifically made for water sports remedies this issue. Classic Jet Specs by SeaSpecs are a sharp-looking pair of wraparound sunglasses, and they are polarized to block the harmful glare from the sun. Also, their frames float to keep you from losing them if they are accidentally dropped into the drink. 


8. Water-Resistant Accessories

What to Wear Jet Skiing water resistant Accessories

If you wear an Apple watch or something similar, keep in mind that it’s water-resistant and not waterproof, which can be bad if you go kersplash! Also importantly, you may want to keep your ID and certification from your boating safety course for operating a Private watercraft (PWC) on you in case you are stopped by the water police. 

Lulemon designs an easy access crossbody that is water-resistant and doubles as a belt bag. For the guys, Brag Wets makes a rugged, water-resistant clip wallet with ID window that keeps your marine and driver’s license secure in the window sleeve. 

9. Gloves

What to Wear Jet Skiing water gloves

Everyone doesn’t wear gloves when they jet ski, but they can make a great deal of sense. This is especially true for beginners who typically have more of a death grip when driving. The grip can create friction, which in turn, can create some nasty blisters – and who wants that? To stop painful blisters from developing and to help you grip the lines and throttle, you’ll want to put on a pair of riding gloves.

10. Weather-Appropriate Clothing

What to Wear Jet Skiing water resistant clothing

If you like to take out the jet ski when it’s cold outside, winterized active wear made for jet skiing can protect you from the elements. So, dress accordingly when the weather and waves are chilly. At Sea the City, we provide all the safety gear and weather-appropriate clothing you’ll need. If you come on an adventure with us, you can throw on one of Sea the City’s line dry suits that are top of the line.

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