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Why You Should Rent a Jet Ski, Not Buy

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You’re ready to jet ski, but are wondering if you should rent or buy. We’re here to tell you that you should rent. The reasons are many, including upfront costs and maintenance. But the costs don’t stop there. Additionally, just like a car, there is maintenance required year-round that can stack up the costs of owning a jet ski. Read more below about why you may want to rent a jet ski, as opposed to purchase one outright.

Jet Ski Price

The price of jet skis varies depending on the model and its condition, but you’d never want to purchase one that is too cheap. When you buy a jet ski, you put your safety in the hands of the previous owners, and there aren’t many professionals trained on jet skis. An average jet ski price new runs about $5,400 and up. Some new Yamaha jet skis and Sea Doo jet skis are pushing over $10,000, and that’s without added accessories like water tubes, more comfortable seats, and more. If you purchase a used jet ski, you’ll need to pay for a tune-up. Riding a used jet ski right after purchasing means any needed maintenance and repairs will make themselves known while you’re riding, which is the worst time to find out.

Jet Ski Maintenance

Jet ski maintenance costs are a big deal. Jet ski maintenance is a year-round task, and one where costs add up. You need to change the oil and gasoline each year, and pay for any parts that may have rusted or worn down throughout the year. Yearly tune-ups are only possible with certified personal watercraft technicians, but they are definitely required maintenance. Just like automobiles, jet skis break down more quickly when they are not properly tuned up.

Jet Ski Storage

When winter hits, you’ll need to winterize your jet ski. This includes draining the oil and gasoline, purchasing a proper cover for the craft, and making sure it doesn’t sit in water or sit on the ground. For people who don’t have a garage at home, that means renting out a storage space. It also means purchasing a PWC (personal watercraft) lift – or a jet ski storage rack – which on the low end costs about $250.

Renting Jet Skis

Jet ski rentals are the easiest way to enjoy all the fun and benefits of jet skis without all the headache. Built into your rental cost is all the maintenance and repairs to keep them running smoothly. Without having to worry about damaged parts, storage, winterization, and maintenance, you can rest assured that the fun you have riding a jet ski isn’t sullied by all the hard work it takes to keep one running. If you’re interested in a jet ski rental in New York City, contact us today! Our experienced captains and perfectly maintained PWC’s are here to ensure you have a safe and exhilarating ride – all without the headache!

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