The Downtown Alliance puts together some fantastic annual research on tourism in lower Manhattan. This year’s NYC tourism statistics report on 2017, which was just released in June 2018 shows that in 2017 17.4 million unique visitors to lower Manhattan, up a healthy 17% from last year with a total of 13.6 million tourists.

When it comes to affinity, 96% of people surveyed say they would recommend lower Manhattan to a friend, or family member. Tourists are making time to see all the sights with an average 5-night stay in lower Manhattan’s 32 hotels. True to its nickname as the melting pot, 50% of NYC’s tourists are international with the largest shares of visitors coming from UK, Germany, France, and Canada.

Check out their great data-visualization below.

NYC tourism statistics

The Alliance for Downtown New York, in partnership with Audience Research & Analysis, sought insight into the number and composition of visitors and tourists to Lower Manhattan in 2017.

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