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The Best Places to Jet Ski in NYC

a small boat in a body of water with a city in the background

It’s no secret that New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, it might be difficult to find in this bustling metropolis. But what if we told you there was a way to get away from things? That’s right! With jet skiing, you can even enjoy a scenic view of NYC while getting your adrenaline pumping at high speeds on the water. It may sound too good to be true but don’t let the thought cross your mind for a moment because yes – it is possible to jet ski in New York City!

What Do You Need to Jet Ski in the Big Apple?

First things first, you need a jet ski to do anything! Luckily, NYC is home to jet ski rental shops like Sea the City if you don’t own one of your own. And as long as you have the cash on hand and have your safety certificate for operating private water crafts (PWCs), you can jet ski in the Big Apple. Note: You can check out our blog for more information on anything from legal requirements for jet skiing in NY to how to sign up for boating safety classes, to what to wear while you’re out on the water.

Where Can You Jet Ski in NYC?

Once you know how to operate a jet ski and where to rent one, it’s time to determine the best places for riding your water horse. New York City is a place of many waterways with vast amounts of ocean access. It’s part of the reason the city has a history of being an economic powerhouse, and the perfect circumstances for Ellis Island to open up the United States to the world.

Jet skiing is a sport that offers exhilaration, fun, and accessibility – because anyone can do it. Some of our suggestions include going under Williamsburg Bridge or seeing Yankee Stadium from below! So check out the best spots to tour in New York City on a jet ski – you may be surprised!

New York Harbor

Jet skiing in New York Harbor is a great way to dive into the activity that keeps the city alive while zipping around and making a splash.

With the right tour guide, you can get up close to the action at New York Harbor, one of the most interesting ways to see New York City.

Williamsburg Bridge

With eight lanes and two rail lines that cross the East River, connecting Williamsburg to the rest of the city, Williamsburg Bridge is a majestic sight to see from below.

You’ll sail underneath massive cables and metal studs and see the buzz of life travelling on the bridge —a sight to behold if you’re into old architecture. Many people don’t experience Williamsburg Bridge from below, but on a jet ski it’ll be one Instagram-worthy post.

Yankee Stadium

Are you a baseball fan? Imagine seeing the iconic and absolutely massive Yankee Stadium from the water?

Most everybody sees Yankee Stadium from street level, so checking it out from the river nearby, as long as there isn’t a great game on, is definitely a trip for the books.

Brooklyn Bridge

You’ve seen it from above. But what about below?

Just like the Williamsburg Bridge, seeing the Brooklyn Bridge from a jet ski is breathtaking. Considering that this one-mile bridge carries over 150,000 vehicles and pedestrians a day to destinations to-and-from Brooklyn and Manhattan, it’ll be hard not to feel small as you zip underneath it all on a jet ski.

The Statue of Liberty

Perhaps one of the most iconic sites in New York City, the Statue of Liberty, towers into the sky as you pass by on a jet ski from below.

In a way, you’re experiencing the statue in a way that the immigrants coming to the United States at the turn of the century had – from the water. It ’s a trip that’ll leave your mouth agape and eyes wide.

Jane’s Carousel

Surrounded by Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane’s Carousel is a great place to visit and spend the day.

It also happens to be one of the best places in New York City for jet skiing – as long as you don’t mind staying close to shore! Just like Pier 15 on East River State Park, you can enjoy the waterfront and the great view of Manhattan.

The Hudson Yards

As a brand new development in New York City, the Hudson Yards is a great place to get up-close and personal with one of NYC’s newest developments. Walking around this area might not be as fun on land, so why not see it from another perspective?

The NYC Skyline

Seeing New York City from below is fantastic. But did you know that seeing it from far, far away might be the best way to get a great view of its skyline?

Jet skiing in Long Island offers an expansive view of NYC’s skyline along with white caps and blue skies surrounding you on all sides. It’s one of the best ways to see New York City from a distance.

Can I Jet Ski in the Winter?

We’re glad you asked, and you certainly can! It seems counterintuitive, but you can jet ski nearly all year long. In fact, many of our customers find jet skiing in the winter exhilarating and the scenery beautiful. 

And don’t forget our Hot Tub Boat Tours that offer you a 90-minute luxurious soak on the waters of NYC. The excursion is ideal for anything from romantic date nights to Bachelorette Parties.

Sea the City: Your Go-To Jet Ski Rental Shop

Wherever you go to jet ski in NYC, make sure you take pictures and preserve your memories. There’s no telling just how amazing the views of New York City’s most breathtaking sites will inspire you like they have countless others.  It’s simply a humbling and awe-inspiring experience that you won’t want to miss.

So, now that we’ve covered the best places for jet skiing in New York City, what are you waiting for? It’s time to head to Sea the City’s shop for watersport rentals and hit the ocean with friends and family. The water is calling your name!

Happy skiing!

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