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The Hudson River runs right through the very heart of New York City. While most people see the river from the outside, not too many have seen New York City towering on either side of them from the river itself.

Jet skiing through the Hudson River is a great way to experience NYC from a different perspective – water level, with the beauty of the city lighting up all around you.

Seeing the World Trade Center from the water is a mystifying sight to behold. It glooms silvery in the sun, casting a massive shadow behind it. If you look at it right, you might catch a glimmer of reflected sunlight in your eye.

In a way, seeing New York City from the Hudson River is an unreal experience. Up close, you can walk among the skyscrapers towering over you. But, they look almost like a collection of building blocks, toy-like from the vantage point of the river as you jet ski by.

Wonderful in all types of weather

No matter if you’re just thinking about jet skiing now. Even during the winter, you can experience New York City from the Hudson River.

Jet ski winter suits are perfectly comfortable for staying warm in the cold. Take your own winter hat and hit the water so you can experience the Hudson River from the water. It would probably make for a great last-minute Christmas gift, too!

Better than a Bus

New York City, and the Hudson River that runs through it, is no ordinary destination.

Whether you’ve lived here for years or are visiting for the first time, you have to make the best of being in one of the greatest cities on earth.

People take bus tours and walking tours of the city, and those serve their purpose. But jetskiing through the Hudson River is a singular experience.

The excitement of jet skiing, with the air running through your hair, is an incredible and healthy adrenaline rush – the perfect addition for a day trip, a bachelor party, and more.

For any occasion

Whether you’re sitting around bored on a Sunday or treating long-time friends visiting for the first time, anyone and everyone can jet ski with the right instructor.

It doesn’t matter if Mom doesn’t know how to ride a jet ski. If she’s willing to give it a try, she is teachable. Even if your brother used to fall off his bike a lot, jet skis are designed to be perfectly operational and safe for first-timers and pros alike.

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