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If you’re jet ski freaks like us at Sea the City, finding the best spots to put your craft can be difficult. While New Jersey is a small state, there are still tons of places you can bring your jet ski to enjoy some high-flying thrills with your watercraft. It’s just a matter of finding places that allow it, and have enough free space to make a splash. We’ve put together a list of the five best places for you to take your jet ski for tricks, speeding, and splashing around. After you’ve taken a couple lessons with us, definitely find your closest jet ski rental company and get in the water!

1.   Lake Hopatcong

Beautiful lush forest. Over four square miles of water. Boardwalk docks to mount and get off. What more could you ask for in a jet ski spot than Lake Hopatcong? What makes this such a special spot for jet skiers is its remoteness. There are private residences that abut the lake, but this is a great spot to avoid the fanfare of other popular watering holes. That translates to plenty of room for nailing your next jump.

2.   South Jersey Marina

For a destination that is pretty much made for boating and jet skiing, there’s no better spot than South Jersey Marina. There are plenty of docks to embark and disembark from, and a great amount of space to land tricks, speed-ski, and more. Perhaps more geared toward experienced jet skiers – there are tons of other boats and yachts that use the marina – there’s still plenty of opportunity to grab a great wave at South Jersey Marina.

3.   Raritan Marina

Probably second on the list of quietest places to bring a jet ski, Raritan Marina is a jet skier’s dream. Lots of reviews mention that there isn’t much to do at this location. What this means for jet skiers is little competition for the water. If you’ve rented a jet ski and are looking for a great beginner’s practice spot, look no further than Raritan.

4.   Ringwood State Park

If what you’re looking for is a jet ski destination with lots of other things to do, Ringwood State Park should be on your list. Tons of trails and grounds to explore are all readily available at Ringwood State Park. The water is great for boating – it’s quiet, calm, and generally free from other vessels – and you can always switch to land-based activities once you’re done. This is a great spot for an all-day outing with a jet ski.

5.   Spruce Run Recreation Area

This 1,290-acre reservation is one of New Jersey’s largest recreation areas. It also is one of the most beautiful to be found – water, woods, and more are all to be had here. This is also a great place for jet skiing. The large body of water allows both experienced and beginner-level skiers to take advantage of wide open spaces for all kinds of tricks and speed-skiing.

6. Liberty Landing Marina

While most of tour ride will be in NY waters, Liberty Landing Marina offers a great place to splash down and hit the harbor. Sea the City Jet Ski offers small and large group guided tours of New York Harbor, as well as longer tours that go all the way around the island of Manhattan.

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